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UX Gym: 5 UX Designers and 1 Mentor: Monthly Group Mentorship

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I taught myself UX design and went on to found three companies. Throughout this journey, I played the role of a unicorn designer, wearing many hats.

With no one around to seek advice from, I made costly mistakes worth millions and experienced multiple burnouts!

Navigating your career is not always straightforward; sometimes, a piece of advice can save you months of stress!

We initiated this group mentorship with one goal in mind: to assist as many UX designers as possible in navigating their careers within the ever-changing digital landscape. Our group mentorship is a monthly program, with each cohort comprising 5 UX designers.

This program is better suited to the needs of established UX designers who are employed and looking to advance in their careers.

The mentorship runs for the entire year, with one session per week, providing you with direct access to your group through a private Discord channel.

Here, you can form camaraderie, ask your questions, and create a strong support group. For only 40€ per month, you can cancel anytime.

(Note: by signing up here you are paying for the 1st month only. Once you start the mentorship and you wish to continue with the mentorship throughout the year, you should contact your mentor that will guide you through the monthly payment process)

Another exciting aspect of group mentorship is that you'll get to hear how others handle their careers and learn from their challenges.

Our mentors are seasoned design leaders who have experienced it all. In each session, we'll allocate 10 to 15 minutes to each participant, addressing some of the pressing challenges you're facing.

After each session, you'll receive a practical to-do list to keep you on the right path. Here's the catch: If you find this program is not suitable for you, you can request a FULL REFUND within the first two months, no questions asked.

During our sessions, you are sure to gain valuable insights into setting priorities, navigating office politics, and addressing tricky team dynamics.

Ask questions, connect with like-minded individuals, and potentially make lasting connections within the thriving UX community. But act quickly!

We have ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE EACH MONTH, and they disappear fast.

About Behrad:

Behrad is a three-time founder, a self-taught UX designer, and has been in the UX design field for the past 15 years. He is currently leading Bonanza, a prominent product design studio based in Berlin. Over his career, he has hired over 100 UX designers, mentored even more, and worked with some of the leading global brands such as Nike, Walmart, Unilever, Unicredit, and Zalando, as well as unicorn startups such as wefox and Grover.

About Bonanza:

Bonanza Studios is a product design studio. We've been around for four years and during these short amount of time, we've worked with over 50 startups and completed 120+ projects. We've worked with some of the fastest-growing startups, such as Grover, wefox, awork, and Kenjo.

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