Building a community-first product - Q&A with Kim Johnson (Geneva Chat, Glossier)



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“Community is the new moat” It’s been the secret source to success for many brands such as Nike, Rapha, and Glossier. The fundamental premise of product-led growth is that product is the main driver of a go-to-market journey that pushes users to find, adopt, and use your product. Community-led growth acts as a multiplier on top of product-led growth. By actively facilitating user interactions, and providing value past the product itself.

Kim Johnson is the Head of Community at Geneva, all-in-one communication app powering the future of online groups & communities. Kim was an early employee at Glossier, where she led the strategy and execution for all community engagement initiatives, as well as the strategy for product co-creation.

Join our Q&A on Substack with Kim on Building a community-first product on February 18 at 5 PM GMT.


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