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CEO Mel Torrie: How AI and Machine Learning Robotics drive a Business Forward like Autonomous Solutions Inc.

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Mel Torrie is the founder and CEO of Autonomous Solutions. He started his engineering career working on research payloads for the STS 77 and STS 91 NASA Space Shuttle Missions. After those launches Mel got down to earth and started Autonomous Solutions Inc (ASI) 22 years ago at the request of John Deere to start their robotic equipment program. ASI partners with the largest industrial OEMs and producers to field autonomous vehicles in markets like Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Logistics and Automotive Autonomy Testing. ASI recently partnered with SoftBank to accelerate robotics adoption in the Landscaping and Logistics markets through their Mobius multi-vehicle fleet orchestration platform. Mel grew up on a farm in Canada and got a masters degree in electrical engineering and computer science at Utah State University. He and his wife Raeghn have additionally started a restaurant, a school of rock, and a non-profit foundation that aspires to help people lift themselves out of poverty in countries like Guatemala.

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. designs and manufactures unmanned vehicle systems, software, and components for a variety of industrial, agricultural, automotive proving ground, and military customers. From small bomb disposal robots to massive mining haul trucks, the company has extensive experience automating vehicles of all shapes and sizes with an emphasis on multi-vehicle command and control, mission planning, sensor fusion, obstacle detection & avoidance, tele-operation, and point-and-click ease of use.

Autonomous Solutions began as a spin-off company in 2000 from the Center for Self Organizing and Intelligent Systems (CSOIS) at Utah State University (USU). ASI was founded by a group of researchers from the Center in order to take the ideas and technologies developed at the center into the commercial sector. From this beginning, ASI has grown to become one of the largest privately held robotics-focused companies in the world. The company employs a team of world class computer, electrical, and mechanical engineers and support staff at our 100 acre proving ground facility in Northern Utah.