Cover Image for AI Safety Hackathon - Entrepreneur First x Apart Research x TU Delft

AI Safety Hackathon - Entrepreneur First x Apart Research x TU Delft

Hosted by Entrepreneur First, Pauline Commereuc & Guillaume Tonnel
Past Event
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About Event

Will you be one of the 40 most exceptional AI/ML engineers, researchers or students passionate about this field to take part in our next AI Safety Hackathon in the Netherlands?

Join a curated group of ambitious and talented people from students to AI experts with a wide range of skills and backgrounds or profound interest to work on AI Safety-related topics within Large Language Models (LLM), AI Cyber Defense, Interpretability and AI Evaluation.

With over a decade of championing AI founders, we are happy to welcome the next generation of founders in AI to join the ranks of TractableSonanticMagic Pony and many more in our portfolio.

Entrepreneur First partnered with leading tech companies to give you access to:

Are you an outstanding ML/AI engineer, a PHD, a student or a recent graduate with a strong interest in building AI solutions? This hackathon is for you.

The stakes are high. Failures of advanced AI systems could have catastrophic consequences and the models that exhibit safety, reliability, and robustness will be best placed to address new private and public markets.

Now is the time to experiment with solutions that could give a glimpse into a safer future and access to billion-dollar markets.

Are you up to the challenge?

You’ll have two days to build a business proposal and an MVP in TU Delft campus before pitching to an exceptional jury:


The winning team(s) will be eligible for a 3-6 month mentorship at Apart Lab. During this period, they will offer guidance and vital support in the following areas:

  • Direct mentorship in AI safety research.

  • Assistance with funding opportunities and scholarship applications.

  • Provision of computational resources.

  • Guidance in academic paper writing.

  • Support for submitting papers to premier AI/ML conferences.

  • Financial assistance for conference fees.

What to expect?

Free participation - food and lunch provided. Location will be accessible 24/24 during the hackathon.

  • September 20th - October 29th: Applications and subjects submission are open

  • November 6th - November 9th: Teams formation and subjects choice

  • November 11th:

    • 8:30-9:30am: Kick-off and welcome talk

    • From 9:30am: Building sprints and mentoring sessions

  • November 12th:

    • 3:15-4:15pm: Presentation and MVP submission

    • 4.15-5:00pm: Pitches

    • 5:00-5:30pm: Jury deliberation

    • 5:30-6:30pm: Closing ceremony

    • From 6pm: Drinks