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Cover Image for The Consumer VC Wake Up! CPG Austin
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The Consumer VC Wake Up! CPG Austin

Hosted by Marc Nathan, Manufactured & Aaron Griver
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Austin-area CPG brands, retailers, service providers, and local enthusiasts are welcome to join us for a lively discussion about the CPG scene and helping each other grow our businesses and community. We are especially welcoming to new startups and companies just landing in Austin.

Wake Up! is a new, casual meetup for people interested in the Austin Consumer Packaged Goods Community. This event is hosted by Marc Nathan with generous sponsorship from Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP and Manufactured

"At Manufactured, we offer Inventory/PO financing for fast-growing consumer brands and can assist with any manufacturing sourcing requirements."

Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden
121 Pickle Rd, Austin, TX 78704, USA
Grab a nametag, and let your barista know you're with Wake Up! for a complimentary drink
57 Going