Cover Image for Graph The Planet: 2024 GenAI Edition
Cover Image for Graph The Planet: 2024 GenAI Edition
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Graph The Planet: 2024 GenAI Edition

Hosted by Leo Meyerovich & 3 others
Past Event
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Graph the Planet is Back!

GTP 2024 returns to downtown San Francisco on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024. Join us for the all-day event and evening reception that gives a place for technologists, executives, practitioners, and researchers at the intersection of generative AI and digital crime to converge and engage with one another.

​As in past years, we curate a diverse mix of keynotes, practice vs research talks, leadership panels, and startup demos that bring attendees to the edge where practice meets theory. Most importantly, we organize the entire day with breaks, meals, and interactive sessions that  foster all participants meeting and comparing notes with one another, whether joining as a speaker or an attendee.

​The 2024 edition brings leaders at the front of the  generative AI revolution, spanning practice, tools, research, and technology. Participants include CEOs, CTOs, CISOs, Chief Data Scientists, FAANG & banking leaders, senior analysts, team leads & directors, and academic researchers. Broadly themed on generative AI for digital defense, most attendees are leaders in cybersecurity, neighboring practices such as fraud, misinformation, & crime analytics, and deep technology such as AI and GPU computing.​

Graph the Planet is a free community event with catering & refreshments. Due to capacity and security, attendance is through organizer invitations or a community signup process.


Prof. Dawn Song
Professor, UC Berkeley

Dr. Ariel Herbert-Voss
CEO, RunSybil

Dr. Joshua Saxe
AI & Security Tech Lead, Meta

Prof. Mohit Tiwari
CEO, Symmetry Systems; Professor, UT Austin

Dr. Leo Meyerovich
CEO, Graphistry & Louie.AI

Prof. Bo Li
CEO, Virtue AI; Professor, Univ. Chicago

Sean Griffen
CEO, Disaster Tech

James Chan
Partner, Bloomberg Beta

Dr. John Wissinger
CISO, Blackbird

Austin McDaniel
CEO, Good Code

Dr. Brad Bebee
General Manager, AWS

Prof. Jiantao Jiao
CEO, Nexusflow

Adelin Tavers
Principal Security Engineer, Trail of Bits

Sven Cattell
CEO, & Founder, DefCon AI Village

Brennan Lodge
Co-Founder & CTO, Skidaway; Adjunct Professor, NYU


2024 GenAI Daytime Sessions

Bloomberg, 22nd floor, 140 New Montgomery, San Francisco | Live stream on Youtube

Securing generative AI, AI for cybersecurity, AI for defense, & AI infrastructure

All times in PDT (California)


Breakfast & registration


AI for security

KEYNOTE: The GenAI SOC - From copilots & notebooks to automation & autonomy​

Leo Meyerovich, CEO, Graphistry / Louie.AI

Purple Teaming LLMs: Llama3/CodeShield/CyberSecEval2 & more

Joshua Saxe, AI & Security Tech Lead, Meta

INTERVIEW: Ariel Herbert-Voss of RunSybil (frmr OpenAI, Harvard)

on AI automation of offensive security & AI red teaming

Leveraging GenAI for Narrative Intelligence and Combating Disinformation

John Wissinger, CSIO, Blackbird.AI​


Break (20min)

Refreshments + live startup demos


AI infra & trustworthy AI

​Securing enterprise genAI systems end-to-end with AI DLP

Mohit Tiwari, CEO Symmetry Systems; Professor, UT Austin

Function-calling foundation models for security orchestration

Jian Tao, CEO, NexusFlow; Professor UC Berkeley

KEYNOTE: How Frontier AI Will Change The Cybersecurity Landscape

Dawn Song, Professor, UC Berkeley


Lunch (70min)


AI infra & AI for security

Explainability: A killer app for graphs in security. For generative AI?

Brad Bebee, GM of Amazon Neptune & Amazon Timestream

DisasterGPT for federal & industrial emergency management

Sean Griffin, CEO Disaster Tech (former National Security Council)

PANEL: GenAI for Security

Brennan Lodge, Founder Skidaway, NYU adjunct (former HSBC, Goldman Sachs, NY Federal Reserve, ...)

+ Leo Meyerovich, Sean Griffin, Brad Bebee


Break (20min)

Refreshments + live startup demos


Trustworthy AI

& AI for security

The UX design of security copilots

Austin McDaniel, CEO Good Code, former Sumo Logic, JASK

Holistic Machine Learning Threat Modeling

Adelin Travers, Principal Security Engineer, Trail of Bits

Securing Generative AI

Bo Li, CEO, Virtue AI; Professor, University of Chicago

PANEL: Securing genAI deployments

Sven Cattell, Claude Mandy, Adelin Travers, Bo Li


Break & close (50min)

Refreshments + chat with fellow attendees


GenAI Evening Reception

SVB Experience Center, 532 Market St, San Francisco

  • 7:30p Doors

  • 7:45p GenAI tool lightning pitches

  • 8:15p-10 Refreshments w/ 8+ genAI startup demo areas

Startups presenting & hands-on demos include:

  • AKA Identity

  • Symmetry Systems AI DLP

  • Louie.AI / Graphistry GenAI investigations

  • Clarity Deepfake detection

  • PromptArmor AI Firewall

  • SkidAware SOC AI pipelines

  • + more

Bloomberg Beta
140 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA