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Women who build, encourage, & tell stories

Hosted by Dipisha Patel
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Shreya is currently building an early-stage investment firm based in India called Aureolis Ventures. She was inspired by her dad like myself, who ran a family business while she was growing up. She realized her passion for entrepreneurship and knew since then she wanted to take the route.

Shreya took the opportunity to build Women who Build, which is a podcast where she talks to relatable and inspiring women in startups (investors and founders). These women share tactical tips on running businesses and investing and some very deep, personal areas of their lives that have shaped who they are as professionals. Her vision through this podcast is to inspire action amongst younger women so more 14-year-olds, like her niece, can get excited about starting up! She started in India and is soon launching the podcast in the US!

Tune in on Friday, April 8th at 11:45am (EST) as we talk about -

  • Shreya’s journey to launching and sustaining Women who Build

  • What do successful people who build have in common?

  • Women who Build launch in the US - what to look for!