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Over the past few weeks, we have launched a new website, the Reproductive Health Report - Vol II, opened a call for applications for research projects on Endo and PCOS, and we are about to fund our first research project on Ovarian Aging 🤍

👉 Now, we invite you to join our All-Hands Community Call to discuss:

  • AthenaDAO upcoming token auction

  • Ways to engage with the launch

  • Q&A session

👉 Look out for the direct link before the event. It will be sent to your email address. ✉️

About AthenaDAO

​​​​​AthenaDAO is a decentralized science (DeSci) collective working on transformative women’s health research funding, education, and access.  

​​​Their aim is to bring researchers, women’s communities, and funders together in a collaborative way to support this overlooked area of research. 

​​​They were chosen as one of the first BioDAOs in bioxyz, recently published the second volume of their Reproductive Health Report series and are working with researchers from prestigious institutions like NUS and Karolinska Institute

​​​​​Are you interested in being a contributor? You can sign up here! 🧬

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