Cover Image for Force of Water: Community-Led Climate Action
Cover Image for Force of Water: Community-Led Climate Action
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Force of Water: Community-Led Climate Action

Hosted by Chantal Ranzolin-Gamboa & 5 others
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Release Party: Force of Water

Thursday, April 25 | 5pm - 8pm
The Roxie Theater's 518 Valencia Space
San Francisco, CA
Presented by Green Empowerment

Panel discussion, happy hour, & sneak peek footage centering Indigenous and last mile communities in the climate conversation.

The Panel: We all know that the majority of people most impacted by climate change have not reaped the benefits of the industrial advances causing this crisis. Let’s put their stories front and center while we all work on the cross cutting issues of water, renewable energy and climate.

In this panel we connect global experts in the climate revolution to Indigenous and marginalized communities on the front lines of climate change.

The Film: Follows two communities, one in Uganda and one in Ecuador, as they employ solar technology and old fashioned community organizing to build their own water systems.

Meet the Panelists:

Arthine Cossey van Duyne, Waterfunder CEO & Founding Partner

Arthine brings a wealth of expertise in climate finance, focusing on water equity and water stewardship. Arthine's diverse global management experience across sectors such as public, private, and non-profit brings a multifaceted perspective to our event, enriching our dialogue and inspiring innovative solutions.

Blanca Sanchez-Cruz, Valley Water Program Administrator; Office of Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Blanca has 15+ years of experience developing and leading educational and community engagement programs within academic and community settings to advance equitable access and inclusion. We look forward the crucial insights and expertise she will bring to our discussion.

Dr. Claudia Sadoff, Former CGIAR Executive Managing Director

With 25 years of service at the World Bank with a focus on water security, and from her leadership at CGIAR, the world’s largest not-for-profit partnership of international food, land, and water systems research institutes, Claudia brings invaluable perspectives to our discussion.

Emily Teitsworth, Honnold Foundation Executive Director

As Executive Director of the Honnold Foundation, Emily advances equitable renewable energy access with global grassroots organizations. Her 20 years of nonprofit and philanthropic experience in climate, energy justice, and equity bring exceptional thought leadership and impactful expertise to our event.

Welcoming Remarks:

Traci Look, Nextracker Internal Communications Global Lead

As the internal communications global lead at Nextracker, Traci is the leading provider of intelligent solar tracker and software solutions used in utility-scale solar projects around the world. Traci's expertise in renewable energy sustainability brings fresh insights and collaborative solutions to our event.


Andrea Johnson, Green Empowerment Executive Director

Andrea brings expertise in international development, clean energy, and climate science to her role, now in its 8th year, where she drives Green Empowerment's mission of providing clean water and renewable energy to rural communities worldwide.

Green Empowerment works with in-country partner organizations to build clean water and renewable energy infrastructure with Indigenous and rural communities across the globe. Learn more!

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518 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110, USA
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