Cover Image for PFAS “Forever Chemicals”: A $250B+ Frontier of Sustainable Innovation (Hosted by Claros Technologies)
Cover Image for PFAS “Forever Chemicals”: A $250B+ Frontier of Sustainable Innovation (Hosted by Claros Technologies)
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PFAS “Forever Chemicals”: A $250B+ Frontier of Sustainable Innovation (Hosted by Claros Technologies)

Hosted by Alita Carbone & 7 others
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Greenhouse gasses are not our only ubiquitous, toxic pollutants

Join an incredible group of industry-leading founders, scientists, investors, policymakers, and community leaders as we break down PFAS (pun intended) and the $250B+ market opportunity for innovation and systemic impact during San Francisco Climate Week 2024. 

We’ll discuss why we’re facing a global PFAS crisis and tipping point, key stakeholders and market drivers, and the greatest areas of opportunities and collaboration across science, innovation, markets, and policy.


10an-11am PT: Panel discussion

11am-12pm PT: Networking


  • Liam Berryman, CEO and Co-Founder of Nelumbo, innovating and deploying new advanced materials solutions to eliminate PFAS use in high-impact products, backed by investors including Prime Mover’s Lab, UTEC, Safar Partners, and clean energy / materials entrepreneurs

  • Dr. John Brockgreitens, Co-Founder and VP of Product Development at Claros Technologies, scaling PFAS analytical and destruction technology solutions harnessing green chemistry and advanced material science for our global PFAS water pollution crises and VC backed by exceptional investors including Ecosystem Integrity Fund, American Century Investments, and the University of Minnesota

  • Dr. Martin Mulvihill, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Safer Made, investing in solutions that reduce people’s exposure to toxic chemicals and driven by demand for safer products 

  • Dr. Anna Reade, Science Scientist and Director of PFAS Advocacy at the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), working at the intersection of science and policy to reduce and eliminate harmful exposures to toxic chemicals for the safety of people and the environment

  • Kathryn Soter, CEO and Executive Director of the Good Future Design Alliance, a community of architects, interior designers, builders, and product manufacturers reducing waste and designing a better future in our built environments

  • Moderated by Alita Carbone, Senior Director of Corporate Development and Strategy at Claros Technologies and Principal at Impact Science Ventures investing in early stage decarbonization and sustainability technology across energy, industrials, materials, and agriculture

About PFAS 

PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substance or “forever chemicals”) are a family of over 15,000 chemical compounds used ubiquitously in everything from children’s toys and the textiles we wear, to semiconductor production, makeup, and firefighting foam. PFAS was created in the 1940s, commonly used to add functionality and durability (e.g., resistance to grease, oil, water, and heat). 

PFAS chemicals are ubiquitous, and linked to low levels of exposure to cancer, thyroid disease, kidney dysfunction, birth defects, autoimmune disease and other serious health problems. Today, ChemSec estimates a $17.5tn annual societal cost of PFAS in our global economy. 

Concerns about the health effects from PFAS are mounting, and efforts to ban the chemicals are gaining traction. Just last week, the Biden Administration passed the first regulations and limits on PFAS in drinking water, reducing PFAS contamination and exposure for 100 million people, prevent thousands of deaths, and reduce tens of thousands of serious illnesses. 

Sponsored by Claros Technologies

Claros Technologies (backed by investors including American Century Investments, Ecosystem Integrity Fund, and the University of Minnesota) is a deep-tech start-up harnessing green chemistry and advanced materials science to develop scalable platform technologies enabling clean, sustainable, and fully closed-loop industrial processes. Our mission is to solve problems without creating new ones, which is why our primary application focus is to destroy ubiquitous, toxic pollutant PFAS in water. 

We have developed a scalable destruction solution proven to fully defluorinate 99.99% of long, short, and ultra-short chain PFAS. We are a diverse team of scientists, business-builders, and impact leaders committed to powering a circular economy. Join us as we help solve one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time with our game-changing water and wastewater treatment technology.

We are a proud woman-founded company led by CEO Michelle Bellanca, originally incubated with IP at the University of Minnesota. 

To inquire about our PFAS analytical and destruction technologies, please email us at Zachary Rogers at


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