Cosmic Love, Astrology Magic Soul Mate Workshop Venus conjunct Mars in Leo Royal Wedding Alchemy

Hosted by Tara Greene
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July 13, A rare Lovers union of planets Venus and Mars in Leo, the of the Heart, offers a special romantic and symbolic sacred union that helps us find love here on earth using the Magical Astrology and Alchemy formula "As above, so below."

Join me for a special "sacred union/ marriage of the King and Queen of Hearts to heal heartaches, to attract Love. This is real Law of Attraction with Divine Timing

The astrology of love and sex. Learn about Venus' love language and style and her complimentary partner Mars in your astrology chart.

What type of lover are you? What you need in relationships, how you love. What you attract in a lover is based on your own astrology chart. Find out about Karmic lovers, soul mates and more.

This workshop will also include Q & A. Bring your astrology chart. You can get your chart free on

No previous Astrology knowledge is needed.