Welcome Oasis

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Welcome to your very own Oasis

Oceans of love for joining me to start your yoga journey!

I created Welcome Oasis with the idea that we have three homes: our mind, our body and our planet. We need to protect them more now than ever before. So if you are ready to fall in love with movement, learn more about sustainability and wellness, then you have found the perfect place.


The Sunday Sunset class is the perfect way to end your week. Described as "rejuvenating, relaxing and rewarding" our live, beginner friendly class allows you to refresh and reset.


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Are you ready to dive a little deeper into your yoga practice? The Sea Membership is designed to give you the gift of time and travel whilst having the ability to have yoga flows at your fingertips.


Are you looking for a Yoga PT? Our private client membership gives you tailored flows around your specific goals. We combine strength, flexibility and mindfulness to create your ultimate oasis.