Noah Chon Lee

Let's connect cultural and technological knowledge to make a world in which everyone has a community where they feel they belong. Performed as a juggler since the age of ten for everything from Hindu temples to orphanages, presented as a keynote speaker at fortune 500 companies, wandered through two dozen countries as a backpacker, lived as a part of a tribe of fire spinners, blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, winner of the NROTC scholarship with the US marine corps, and directed a solar power bank delivery project with indigenous tribes in particular the Waorani in Ecuador. Worked in AI for a year managing a team of 70+ people from 20 countries training a large language model for customized AI powered search automation. Now founding crowdfunding prizes for public goods Interests: Crowdfunding, AI, Indigenous Rights, Mutualism and Network Societies, Juggling, Fire-eating


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