NFX is a pre-seed & seed-stage venture firm partnering with the world's top Founders.

Welcome to NFX at HBS!

We're NFX's HBS campus fellows, and eager to help you brainstorm, refine your pitch (and pitch decks!), find investors, and cofounders.

Our ECs (Chana, Will, Paola, and Rohan) and RCs (Shub, Yasmin, Louden, Phillip) have worked across consulting, high tech, vc, real estate, startups, ai, and web3.

Below you can book time with us, signup for on campus events with the NFX team, and quickly find access to curated content and resources for founders.

Last, a shameless plug from our fellow, Will, to join the largest open source community of HBS Builders at where you'll get access to more than 70+ resources exclusively for you.

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