Modern Security Community

Understand, implement and make the most of modern security technologies for customer identification, authentication and fraud prevention.

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We are a community of practitioners in the use of advanced technologies such as biometrics, behavioural, network and device analytics to improve the usability, efficiency and security of customer facing identification, authentication and fraud prevention processes.

The purpose of this community is to share best practice, knowledge and insight so that we can increase understanding, support implementation and make the most of the opportunities these technologies provide.

We hold virtual events where community members share their experiences and publish a short email newsletter that summarises key news, ideas, insight and analysis in the field.


Membership is open to all in the related solution provider, analyst and consulting community but due to the sensitive nature of these issues, some events are restricted to employees of organisations evaluating, implementing or optimising modern security solutions.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with if you have any questions.