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We are a vibrant community of innovators, going beyond the knowledge frontier with the help of AI tools.


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The Who / Why / How of Innovation Algebra

** Who? **

IA is made for professionals working on or beyond the knowledge frontier (KF).

** Why? **

Innovation is hard. The right mindset combined with tools help you push/punch through the KF.

** How? **

1. Watch some videos to get an idea of our philosophy. AI plays a major role.

2. Next start reading case studies. You first need to develop an intuition how to innovate (called "intus").

3. Then select the right tool for the right job:

- As an enterpreneur/inventor/innovator/creator, use **IA 2.7** for deep innovation, planning and analysis capabilities.

- As an innovator, use **Dr. Innovation** for brainstorming ideas.

- As a researcher and deep thinker, Use **ALPHA-PROMPT** for meticulous application of the scientfic method.

- As a negotiator, use **Negotiator** to get what you want both in professional and private life. Simulate scenarios before entering any negotiation room.

- As an executive, use executive **COMPASS** to formulate deep questions to guide and inspire your team. Apply before meeting with your team.

4. There is a lot to learn. Join the IA community to learn faster and accelerate.

5. Share and nurture skills within the community.



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However: you are free to use, remix, improve the IA prompts as long as you give IA and/or the original authors proper attribution. Please considering sharing your prompt enhancements with the IA community. Please use IA ethically and responsibly.

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