Deeep Network

Welcome to the global community of Deeep members, also affectionately known as "deeeps". We are 🧠 ➕ 🤖, together.

What is the Deeep Network?

We are the world's first community of machine-augmented humans, hence our emojiline 🧠 ➕ 🤖, together.

The Deeep Network allows "deeeps" to get to know each other and discover interesting people & projects via a series of mini-talks.

What is Deeep?

At Deeep, we delve extreeemely deep into the world of niche topics to uncover knowledge that piques human curiosity and expands our collective intellectual capacity.

To keep up with the information flood, we heavily use automated research algorithms meticulously crafted to delve into these niche domains, discovering and curating intriguing, remarkable, and obscure knowledge & insights.

The Deeep system continually scans the web for the latest developments, and publishes its daily discoveries as hyper-focused deeep-dives at

Our Deeep system is an integral component of "continually feeding" humans with higher-quality knowledge. Get ready to upgrade your information diet - high-fiber!

🧠 ➕ 🤖, together.

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