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Writing @ • Head of Content @ • I help creators market their ideas and build a community

80K on Twitter. 20K on LinkedIn. 4K on Email.

And more platforms on the way! My goal is to learn how to build an audience on these platforms as best I can, so I can turn around and share it all with you.

My Credentials

I'm currently the Head of Content at

Prior to that, I was the CMO at and helped grow that business to 200K+ MRR.

Also currently juggling 3 kids and some animals.

My work has been featured in Search Engine Journal, Lifehack, Indie Hackers, Product Hunt, Animalz, and Gumroad.

I've also helped clients like Samsung, Loom, TripAdvisor, Betterment, Talkdesk, and many more.

On top of all this, I also do workshops at conferences and speak at events.

If you want to reach out about:

- Consulting

- Workshops

- Conferences

Shoot me a DM on Twitter!

My story

I started college late at 21 years old.

I always had the heart of an entrepreneur, but I was slow to take the leap. And I massively lacked in skill set.

I took that as a challenge.

I started out as a French-speaking SEO specialist (and I knew exactly ZERO about SEO or marketing.)

I managed to turn that into an agency job.

And then a better one.

I officially dropped out of college right around this point.

Then I became a Senior Manager at a $10B company.

All of my skills compounded, and I built an audience alongside that growth.

I became a CMO at age 28 and helped that company go from 0 employees and $40K MRR to a fully functioning team and $250K MRR.

I don't know much, but I know these things inside and out:

• Marketing leadership

• Audience building

• Growth marketing

• Career Growth

• Remote work

My mission now is pretty simple:

1. Provide an awesome life for my family

2. Build the things I want and grow them at my pace

3. Serve marketers and founders by giving away everything I've learned

If that resonates with you and you want tons of free insights, you've come to the right place.

If not, we can still be friends :)

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