Sterling Lawyers, LLC

A family law firm offers legal services incl. divorce, mediation, child custody, modifications, property division, and alimony.


We are just waiting for the tree to grow. Sterling Lawyers, LLC constantly asks and surveys our clients to see how we can improve. Very few firms in the family do this. It is time-consuming to do, and most lawyers don’t want to know when they stink. We also have experience representing grandparents fighting for visitation rights or custody, call us today to know more! We have been practicing law for over a decade, but we have always had a drive for entrepreneurship. Building an enduring company/team captured our imagination much more than just making our own individual law practice. It can be hard to know what divorce path is right for you. Some families can finalize their divorce independently or with limited legal help, while others have more complicated situations that need a legal advocate in the courtroom. Call our family law attorney in Green Bay, WI, today to learn more!