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How to use Twitter Spaces Social Audio in Your Content Strategy| Samantha Postman & Christoph Trappe

How to use Twitter Spaces social audio in your content strategy| Samantha Postman & Christoph Trappe

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Samantha Postman is an incredibly passionate person whose interests vary anywhere from speaking, writing, podcasting, building new skills, social impacting, photography, tax strategy, entrepreneurship, teaching, coaching to mentoring and world traveling.

🔶 Samantha was scheduled as a TEDx speaker to speak on: How learning the skill of photography in groups helps build perspective skills that will get you through anything in life and makes you smarter. - canceled due to COVID

🔶 She is currently the founder and CEO of SmartArrow Inc., an ideation, innovation, product development, and advisory company.

🔶 Samantha is also a managing partner and CFO of Prairie Land Farm Inc., a mixed grain farm operation located in Southern Alberta.

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The Power of Networking | Samantha Postman & Francesco Ciulla

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