Deep work sprints to boost your focus & productivity when working from home. Get things done solo, not alone!

Daily Sessions

What is Power Hour?

1-hour deep work sprint to boost your productivity and focus when working from home.

Get things done solo, not alone!

Why Join Power Hour?

Join us and let's get more done, together!

🔥 Find that extra boost of motivation to get going

🏁 Finish the things you dread, dislike or delay

✔️ Add more structure to your day and workflow

📱 Escape distractions

⏱️ Get a better sense of how you spend your time

🏠 Feel less isolated when working from home or remotely

💪🏽 Get things done in a fraction of the time

How it works (agenda)?

👋 Intro (3mins): intro from the host

👥 Share tasks (2mins): share what you will work on

🚀 Deep work (50mins): focus and get it done

🥳 Recap (3-5mins): debrief and celebrate your progress

What can you work on?

Anything really.

Important and creative tasks that require deep and focused work. Or simply cleaning your inbox and doing boring tasks that you always delay.


✍️ Write

🎨 Design

🧑‍🎨 Create art

💬 Prepare for meetings

🌞 Start and plan the day

💼 Work on their business

🤮 Complete boring admin tasks

It doesn't have to be creative or business related, as long as it helps you get stuff done and you feel productive doing it.

What our members say?

“I absolutely loved it! It's very simple, straightforward, and extremely productive! It adds a nice structure to your day and provides an hour of focused work."

- Marin M. (Founder)

“Such a simple concept, and yet so effective. I found myself wishing it was longer than an hour.”

- Kristy P. (Freelance Writer)

“I did enjoy the shared space with bubble of intentional action. The dreaded tasks were conquered and cleared up space. HUZZAH!”

- Patricia S. (Designer)

“It is incredible how much more I get done. Simply sharing my goals with others is so motivating. Having such a supportive community is a massive bonus"

- Mira B. (Founder)

“I really like the tool and it can help a lot. You focus and actually do the work. Using it for a few weeks now and it has been very productive.”

- Mario M. (Founder & Developer)