Cover Image for The Earth Bill: Launch Party 🌎
Cover Image for The Earth Bill: Launch Party 🌎

The Earth Bill: Launch Party 🌎

Hosted by The Earth Bill Network & Meta Betties
Past Event
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You are specially invited to a Launch Party for The Earth Bill, the solution to the climate crisis we've been waiting for! 

​Come enjoy digital art + activism and live performances, sprinkled with information on this flagship bill designed to build a movement powerful enough to save the future. NYC is driving the ship!

​Inspired by this experience on April 20, we hope you will then find creative ways to promote The Earth BIll within your own events.  Now is the time to help make history.

4-4:45p: Reception

4:45-5:45p: Meta Betties Welcome, Todd Fernandez Intro, Rep. Espiallat Message, Chad Frischmann Keynote, Earth Bill Video

5:45-6p: Break + In-gallery Digital Advocay

6:00 - 6:45p: Mamta Mehra + Todd Fernandez Interview

6:50 - 7p: "Flux" Performance Art piece

7:00 - 7:45p: Networking + Advocacy

7:45p: Advocacy Participant Winner Announcement


Chad Frischmann
Chad Frischmann is Co-founder and CEO of Regenerative Intelligence (RegenIntel), the co-creator of Project Drawdown, co-author of the book Drawdown, and the architect and lead researcher of the Drawdown Solutions Framework, the engine behind the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to solve global warming. As a renowned steward of planetary change, he has spoken at hundreds of major events globally and his TED talk has over 2.4m views.

Mamta Mehra, PhD
Mamta Mehra is a Co-Founder of RegenIntel and is an expert on nature-based solutions. She has led the land and food sector research and modeling as a Senior Fellow at Project Drawdown from 2015-2021; and served as the Research Director at the Global Council for Science and the Environment. She has been invited as a keynote speaker at many international forums and is on the advisory board of the Global Evergreening Alliance, Global Returns Project, and the Carbon Call initiatives. Mamta holds a PhD in environmental science and has more than a decade of experience on climate change adaptation and mitigation issues from local to global scale.

Oculus Center
185 Greenwich St LL3110, New York, NY 10006, USA
The Canvas 3.0 - South Concourse LL2