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Web 3.0 Studios Mixer by Blockus X Magna

Hosted by Jess Zhang & 4 others
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San Francisco, California
Past Event
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โ€‹Hosted by:
Blockus X Magna

Join us for an evening of networking with infrastructure makers on the forefront of Web 3.0 gaming.

โ€‹We're hosting gaming industry leaders within the tooling and Web 3.0 gaming space, with studio owners, founders and investors during GDC!

โ€‹Game studios and gaming VCs interested in Web 3.0 welcomed.


โ€‹Seamlessly onboard your Web 2.0 + Web 3.0 gamers.

โ€‹Blockus is your complete Web 2.5 in-game economy platform.
Beautifully built, fully compliant, seamlessly integrated into your game.

โ€‹We're part of a16z CSS.


โ€‹Token management on autopilot.

โ€‹Airdrop, stream, and vest tokens to your team, investors, and community on custom unlock schedules, easily.

โ€‹We've raised $18M to build sustainable token infrastructure.

๐Ÿš€ LIMITED SPACE! Must RSVP and be approved to attend.