Cover Image for No-code Workshop: Build a landing page in 1h
Cover Image for No-code Workshop: Build a landing page in 1h
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No-code Workshop: Build a landing page in 1h

Hosted by Japan's Venture Academy
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Learn to make a simple landing page in an hour!

Want to make a website for your startup idea, or just looking to explore web design? Japan's Venture Academy (JVA) , Supasaito , Webflow Tokyo Meetup are collaborating to help non-coders learn how to make a web page using Webflow, a no-code website builder.

Igor Voroshilov (CEO of Supasaito, Webflow Enterprise Partner) will teach you the ins and outs of utilizing Webflow to make an eye-catching landing page!

Main Event Details 👀

  • ​Date: March 24th (Sun)

  • ​Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

  • ​Venue: Code Chrysalis Office

  • Fee: Free

We ask participants to please make a free Webflow account in preparation for the event:

Event Agenda 📅

  1. ​Introduction to the event and JVA

  2. ​Ice-breaker activity

  3. ​Workshop and Presentations

  4. ​Networking!

​About JVA

Japan’s Venture Academy (JVA) is a student-run initiative sponsored by Shibuya City offering university students opportunities to build entrepreneurial self-efficacy.

JVA offers a 3-month startup fellowship to ambitious university students in Tokyo to learn how to build innovative solutions with the help of experts working at startups including, Google, Figma, Coral Capital, and Incubate Fund.

About Supasaito

Supasaito is a web design and development agency located in Harajuku, Tokyo, that specializes in using Webflow to build professional and scalable websites for both startups and enterprise-level clients.

As a Webflow Enterprise Partner, Supasaito are recognized for its work with companies such as Ricoh, Toppan Global Ventures Partners, and for Startups, Inc.

About our supporters

​Big shoutout to Code Chrysalis for hosting us in their office!
Code Chrysalis is a pioneering force in the realm of software engineering training, committed to aiding both individuals and corporations to undergo transformative development. Check out their website for further information about their bootcamps.

Code Chrysalis: Coding Bootcamp in Tokyo
Japan, 〒106-0046 Tokyo, Minato City, Motoazabu, 3-chōme−1−35 Vort元麻布 B2F
20 Going