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Regens Unite: Tend Berlin

Hosted by LCC
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Join us for the second edition of a new tradition we call The Turn, where we take a turn offering attention, care and regeneration to our home of Berlin (you can check out some of the first edition here).

We'll be playing a Tend in the form of a friendly game of TrashTag, cleaning up the Treptower Park just opposite Moos in coopetition — a cooperative competition — in synchronization with our fellow Regens in Amsterdam. So represent and help everyone win!

If you can, bring trash bags and gloves to help supply the players.


​10.00 Meeting and warmup at Moos

​11.00 Kickoff: Treptower Park, radiating out from Moos

​13.00 Lunch at Moos

​14.00 Sync with Amsterdam

​15.00 Next Turn Plotting

​17.00 That's all folks!

If you have anything useful, beautiful or joyful that you've finished your turn with and would like to donate to Moos, bring it over!

​Want to know more about who we are and why we do what we do?

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