Cover Image for Fight Club #4
Cover Image for Fight Club #4
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Fight Club #4

Hosted by CroAI
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🥊 CroAI Fight Club is back for Round 2! This match's burning question - Are deep fakes a digital marvel or a societal menace?

While some praise deep fakes for their potential to revolutionize filmmaking and artistic expression, others view them as harbingers of misinformation and threats to public trust.

👊 In one corner, championing the virtues of technological innovation, Karlo Knezevic. Karlo believes that AI isn't inherently problematic but that our intentions shape its impact. If used responsibly, it can benefit everyone.

👊 In the opposite corner, vigilant about the ethical implications, Krešimir Macan. Krešimir warns that AI could erase the line between reality and illusion, making it a potent tool for manipulation with its ability to produce rich and accessible content.

Ready to weigh in? Join us for a night of critical dialog at CroAI Fight Club.

📍 Location: Margaretska ulica 1, Zagreb

⏰ Date & Time: Wednesday, May 22nd, 6 PM

Margaretska ul. 1
10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Hosted By
57 Going