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Event Information

This is the last event in the Iterative's Southeast Asia Tour. Our event before this one is Iterative x Indonesian founders. If you are here because you followed along our journey through Southeast Asia, thank you. Though even if you have not we thank you for joining us for our last one.

We believe that there is the potential for Southeast Asia to become the next Silicon Valley. However the fruition of this future is dependent on aspiring founders today to create it. Aspiring founders need to become current founders who build a network of founders among themselves in each country and the region as a whole.

Therefore we hope that by hosting this series of events we can be the starting point for aspiring founders to become actual founders and enable them to pull the region's potential into reality.

About Our Speakers

The speakers for this event are Charles Lee founder of CoderSchool and Ella Trinh co-founder of Vulcan Augmetics. Charles is from Korea but founded his company in Vietnam and Ella is Vietnamese. They are both more than happy to share their experience and answer question from aspiring founders on how to navigate the startup life, and share pieces of advice on what they've learned along the way.

Charles Lee - Founder of CoderSchool

CoderSchool is the #1 coding school in Vietnam, a much needed company as a there is a talent gap for technical talent in the Southeast Asia at the moment. Before starting CoderSchool Charles had experience being a product engineer and frontend engineer in two startups in San Francisco. He then became a mentor at Bloc teaching people how to code online followed by starting a myriad of projects (check his LinkedIn) before finally starting CoderSchool. Come find out what finally clicked for him and got him started on CoderSchool.

Ella Trinh - Co-Founder of Vulcan Augmetics

Ella has previously founded Boss Lady, Boss lady was an online shopping platform with curated looks, so instead having to filter through the internet yourself all the hard work had already been done for you. She has also been Pitch trainer and Startup mentor at the Hult Prize Foundation and now she is the CEO at Vulcan Augmetics. Vulcan Augmetics develops functional and aesthetic prosthetics at affordable prices.

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