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BNB Chain: WonderWomenWeb3 (Learners Edition)

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About Event

WonderWomenWeb3 ("WWW") is a mentorship program from BNB Chain to improve the quality of the next generation of female builders in the industry. WWW Learners focuses on mentorship for female students and fresh graduates, and matches them with female leaders/builders with track records in the region. 

Starting your journey in Web3 can be tough with a lot of questions related to technology, opportunities, and culture. With the honest and heartfelt sharing from women who used to walk the same path, we expect to shed some light onto the blockchain journey for these young learners and graduates.

​​Who can benefit from this program:

  • ​​Female students from Business and Technology Universities who are exploring the blockchain and crypto sphere

  • ​​Young Web3 startup founders who are looking for a major development in product growth

  • ​​Any youth with a passion for blockchain industry and curiosity about the successful stories of the builders


What you will get:

  • Hear first-hand ​​of the experiences from the real operators in Web3

  • A select few will be offered ​​1-on-1 mentorship where you can have a private space to ask questions and to receive valuable knowledge that would be helpful in your burgeoning Web3 career development

  • ​​Internship and job opportunities

  • ​​Customized advisory for your startup ideas and further support from BNB Chain and the partners in the program

​​How to participate:

  • ​​Register here by 28th Feb, 2023

  • ​​There are 2 activities in the scope of this program:

    • ​​1 fireside sharing session available for all participants

    • ​​A 1 on 1 coaching session from the mentors that is eligible for the mentees with exceptional performance in both the application form and the fireside sharing.

  • ​​Details of our sharing session with the mentors will be sent to you via email. At the fireside sharing, use your chance to ask a lot of questions and pop out from the crowd!

  • ​​Based on the performance at the session and your application form, the mentors will choose a few mentees for a personal coaching session

  • ​​Apply what you have learnt and share with your friends for more internship opportunity. Make sure that you keep in touch with your mentors to maximize the knowledge you learnt in the meantime.

About our mentors:

  • ​Mentor 1: Jenny Nguyen, COO, Kyros Venture. Jenny’s journey in cryptocurrency is inspirational for any young ladies exploring this industry: she graduated in Foreign Trade University with the aim to become an IELTS online teacher where she actually started up a successful Youtube channel surrounding this topic. However, once admitted into Huobi as a community specialist, she, along with her classmates founded Coin68 as a content website for blockchain industry - also the first of its kind in Vietnam - once she realized the importance of this technology to mass adoption. After 5 years in the industry, Jenny is now the COO of Kyros Ventures (the first blockchain venture in Vietnam), co founder of Ancient8 and manages the operation side of Coin68

  • ​Mentor 2: Mary Tran, co Founder, Orochi Network. Mary is one of the OGs in the crypto industry in Vietnam with her working history dated back in 2016. She has held important positions in IBL (Infinity Blockchain Labs), Binance and OKEX before becoming an entrepreneur. Her first startup project Duelist King is a gamefi that received warm welcome from the community. After trial and error, she then founded Orochi Network,  an infrastructure project aiming to be the OS for decentralized games and metaverse applications. Besides her long list of success, she is also a reliable helper to juniors in field with series of coaching/mentoring and her organization of ZKP Labs - a research club for anyone loving ZKP.

  • ​Moderator: Claire Dang, Business Development Manager, BNB Chain. Claire has experience handling growth for blockchain projects since 2017 with her successful case studies in building bitcoin ATM system in Vietnam, co founding a defi/cefi platform with 200M matched volume and holding important market development positions in Kucoin and Bitget. She is now in charge of business development and assisting BNB Chain ecosystem in APAC.