Monthly Data Protection workshop for Ops Leaders, with Trust Keith.



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Event Information

​You're invited to join Trust Keith's monthly Data Protection workshop, exclusively for Ops Stories members πŸ™Œ

June 16th, Thursday
An introduction to ISO 27001: why you probably don't need it (yet) ✌️
Learn what it takes to become and stay ISO 27001 compliant, and the (less complicated) alternatives.

​Please note:

  • ​Each event will include a 20-minute educational presentation followed by an open Q&A

  • ​These events will be led by the fabulous Tom GellΒ 

  • ​He specialises in making data protection simple, easy, even enjoyable (apparently πŸ€”)

​About Trust Keith:

  • ​They help VC-backed tech scale-ups become and stay data compliant.

  • ​Customers include Learnerbly, MyTutor, Student Beans, Unitary, Maji & more.

  • ​Ops Stories and Trust Keith have partnered up to help save you from the over-complicated world of data protection.

​Previous events:

  • ​January 27th, 2022: Learn how to figure out if your business is data protection compliant πŸ“Š

  • ​February 24th, 2022: Learn how to market compliantly and why you don't always need consent πŸ’°

  • ​March 24th, 2022: Learn how to win Data Protection due diligence surveys πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ

  • ​May 19th, 2022: Learn how to manage a data breach compliantly and avoid reputational damage 🚨