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Tripmakery Pitch & Q&A | TravelTech, Pre-Series A, Austria

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Founded by Robert Sasse and Ajmal Said in Vienna, is the first platform to automate large group bookings. By building a unique inventory and technological infrastructure specialized for groups, Tripmakery strives to become the intermediary for every online booking platform that wants to handle groups.

The startup is backed by VC's like Speedinvest or Push Ventures and by the founders of '' one of the largest hotel-bookings platform in Germany.

Why we love Tripmakery:

  • Founding team specialized in finance, software & product development and tourism.

  • Backers: SpeedInvest, Push Ventures, founders of, Trivago’s founders, Zaka VC and others.

  • Solution: leading platform for larger group bookings in Europe.

  • Scalable: unique automated API booking that accounts for 40% of bookings

  • Traction: €7M GMV (FY2022), €1,1M GMV (Jan, 2023)

  • High demand for a scalable group booking solution in the online market: 6,000 monthly booking requests, 24M EUR monthly request volume

​We invite you to evaluate Tripmakery's upcoming deal. They'll be giving a presentation on their business, followed by a Q&A.

​Join us starting at 5:00 EET on Wednesday, February 15.