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​Trenches is a FOREVER FREE community created by B2B marketers for B2B marketers who are in the trenches every day getting their hands dirty in growing B2B companies with high ACV and long sales cycles.
This is a dedicated space for B2B marketers where we want to talk not about tiny-shiny tactics but have discussions about:

- Running effective ABM programs without overhyped, expensive MarTech

- How to get sales onboard, create centralized playbooks and involve them in demand generation instead of being sales "order-takers"

- How to educate executives and get their buy-in on brand marketing instead of complaining on LinkedIn that "my CEO doesn't get marketing

What to expect:

👉 Practical case studies
👉 Roundtables
👉 AMA with B2B marketing experts
👉 B2B marketing chapters led by our Full-Funnel Academy alumni Stefan Repin, Tomasz Maciejewski, Daniel Zsolt Rényi, Theo Kanellopoulos (ABM, demand generation, PR, nurturing, sales process, GTM strategy)
👉 Meeting your peers and connect with well-known B2B marketers like Nemanja Zivkovic, Tara Horstmeyer, Christian Klepp, John McTigue, and many more.

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