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AlphaLab’s Growth Guild is a week of founder-centric, actionable events focused on how to scale crypto and blockchain companies, covering diverse topics on security, customer acquisition, liquidity, and product.

Dinner will be served from 5 pm onwards with a variety of Chinese Caifan dishes.

Please sign up only for the events that are your relevant to your role!

Sun 10 Sept


It might not be sexy, but Crypto Ops is at the heart scaling any business and becomes increasingly important as projects grow. Learn how to integrate crypto operations seamlessly into the project business model to enhance scalability, streamline transactions, and improve customer experiences. Explore effective risk mitigation strategies tailored to the volatile nature of crypto markets, ensuring the safety of project investments, treasury, and operations. 

Mon 11 Sept


Have you or are you considering going cross-chain? Join some of the biggest players in the space to learn more about the top technologies that are increasing security, the right time for projects to take the leap, and whether or not cross-chain liquidity is a myth. 

Tues 12 Sept


Crypto scams are up. $3.1 billion was stolen by bad actors in 2022. In our panel, we’ll consider security from all perspectives, including code security, economic security, operation security and tokennomics. Increased security from each of these perspectives can build on each other and create fortified shields. We’ll also discuss how to create systems that are self reinforcing and create a strong culture of security as your project scales.

Wed 13 Sept


Market-making is the elephant in the room. Projects know that they need it, retail customers depend on them, and exchanges would struggle without them. However, no one wants to talk about them! We’re pulling back the curtain on how market-makers work, what makes them competitive, and why we should all be more transparent about using them. 

Thurs 14 Sept


As much as developers believe, “build it and they will come,” marketers know better. In a crowded space, whether B2B or B2C (and oftentimes the lines are blurred), crypto marketers have a hard time rising above the noise. These seasoned professionals will discuss their best experiences in finding, converting, and k

eeping new customers. After the panel, there will be breakout sessions focused on different B2B & B2C topics.