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Folks, we're hosting Mithun Madhusudan a Director of Product at ShareChat on July 3, 5 PM.

This is the 10th Edition of the Product Teardown initiative.

One aspirant is going to get their foot on the door.

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As you are aware, the product for June is ShareChat, and here's an overview of the problem statement:

1. The objective of the Explore product in ShareChat is to provide power users with the depth of content exploration. The mental model is similar to Youtube's explore section.

2. The content needs of the general user will be served by the Trending Feed, the Explore product is specifically for power users to 'explore the depth of content categories'

3. The Explore product has "hashtags" (also called groups) aggregated into broad categories. Users can select categories and then browse tags that relate to their interests.

4. While personalizing the categories is a solution (i.e., using advanced data science models to show users the category they want to engage with more), we would want teams to steer away from data science-heavy approaches.

5. The metrics to track the success of the Explore product are - "Time spent in Explore, Engagement driven by the explore section - while making sure that the overall time spent and engagement on the app does not drop".

6. Teams should come up with a product roadmap that covers the key levers to improve the above metrics, and what problems need to be solved from a user’s perspective. Note: Leave out 'search' as a product from the above problem statement

We have for you Mithun Madhusudan, Director of Product, ShareChat as your mentor to guide you through this process.

Mithun has spent an impressive 9+ years building consumer-facing technology products and has experience in products that leverage the realities of the Indian digital consumer - Video, Social, Content, and Mobile. He is currently involved in building ShareChat, India's biggest vernacular social network, where he runs all the consumer-facing products including Creation, Discovery, and Social verticals.

Go ahead and get working, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! 😎

Also, winner gets a direct interview for the full time role.


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