ACT Dental U Master Class with Nader Sharifi on April 29th - Delivering Dentures That Suck - And That's A Good Thing!



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Master Class Learning Objectives

  • Learn the three clinical steps necessary to refine complete denture occlusion to achieve success in any challenging case.

  • Understand the records appointment – simplifying centric relation.

  • Define protocols for prosthesis delivery and post delivery adjustments.

Course Description

The primary key to success with complete dentures and overdentures is delivering a refined occlusal scheme. Whether that is balanced, lingualized or a neutral zone technique; all of them rely on an accurate centric relation record for success. That clinical step is especially challenging in the edentulous patient because of the movable denture base. This presentation will provide a technique to overcome the difficulties associated with centric relation in the completely edentulous patient.

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