Substack category tour: Special Shoutout Thread



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Event Information

On the first Thursday of every month, we host a Shoutout Thread for writers on Substack. It's a chance for the broader writer community to celebrate what we’ve been reading and inspired by on Substack. As the finale to the category tour, we will be hosting a special Shoutout Thread on Zoom. 

A handful of writers will be invited to take the virtual stage to share what they are writing and reading on Substack. Plus, we’ll open breakout rooms to connect writers together.

Raise your hand for the digital showcase.

We will select a handful of writers to share a short 2-minute presentation on their publication. 

  • When you RSVP, please check the box to indicate you would like to be considered for the showcase. 

  • If selected, we’ll ask you to keep your showcase slot short and sweet to save time for breakout sessions. 

  • Feeling nervous to share? That’s ok! Light nerves are a great sign to go for it.

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