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Labs + Total Nutrition = Better Patient Outcomes

Hosted by Rupa Health
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In this live class, Ashley Koff RD will discuss Labs+Total Nutrition Assessment for Better Patient Outcomes and will be touching on the following learning points:

  • ​How to uplevel your current nutrition assessment to get more of the data you need while easily showing patients the rationale for your lab orders and additional recommendations.

  • ​Discover how to easily optimize patient compliance with your recommendations for labs, supplements and nutrition.

  • ​Show patients your philosophy of personalizing nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

  • ​Teach patients how their total nutrition impacts their health

​Ashley Koff RD, founder of The Better Nutrition Program, has helped thousands of patients and practitioners discover the transformation power of truly personalized nutrition. The Better Nutrition Program delivers a proven system, The BNP Toolkit™, a full suite of tools for practitioners to easily develop and implement personalized nutrition recommendations. Ashley Koff RD brings 20+ years as a private practice dietitian, media expert, author and practitioner mentor to her work developing tools and programs for The Better Nutrition Program. Koff has authored two books, two chapters in practitioner texts, and is a notable speaker at Integrative & Functional Medicine conferences.  

This free course is hosted by Rupa Healththe best way to order functional & integrative tests from 20+ specialty labs, reducing your time spent ordering labs by 90% and helping you provide a superior patient experience.