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S1E3: When Will The UK Land On The Moon?

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London, England
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​Season One: How do we fix the UK? Just F***ing Build Something.

Episode Three: When will the UK land on The Moon?

This event was originally scheduled for Jan 9th, but because of Tube Strikes has been rescheduled to Jan 15th.

To this day, the UK is a major contributor to the space & satellite industry. But why haven't we landed anything on the Moon yet?

In this episode, we'll explore opportunities in the space industry, and figure out why we're not moving even faster.


  • David Whitehouse - Announced Soon

  • Peter Hague - Mass is all you need: why settling space is easier than you think

  • Matvey Boguslavskiy - How to start a space project as soon as possible

  • Emily Dingle - We’re already there… How the UK is leading the way on space sustainability

  • Neil Buchanan - The Need For Speed in the New Space Age

  • Nathan Young - Understanding what people think about space

  • Anatolii Papulov - How Ultra Low Earth Orbit will revolutionise the space economy

  • John Chinner - Why I built a Mars Rover...

  • 🤫 More speakers announced soon

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