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Stellar Builder Hours

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Bengaluru, Karnataka
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About Event

📢 Calling all the degens!

Ready to blast off into the Stellarverse?
Join us for an epic evening of DeFi, development, and delicious fuel (food!).

Whether you're a seasoned web3 warrior, a bullish builder, or just a curious lad/lass, Stellar Builder Hours is for you!

Buckle up for... ⬇

- Stellar intel straight from the source: Anuhya, Ecosystem Growth Lead at Stellar, will be dropping knowledge bombs about the network's roadmap.

- Meet the 30 builders from the residency: Get inspired by these brilliant minds and see what they are building.

- Fuel your mission: We'll have delicious food and lots of games to keep your energy supernova-high.

- Swag up! Take home exclusive Stellar gear and proudly rep your developer spirit.

Spots are limited, so register now!

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Bengaluru, Karnataka
107 Going