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Quantstamp's ETHDenver Hacker House

Hosted by Katherine Bennett & 4 others
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About Event

The Quantstamp HH1 ETHDenver hacker house is an 8-day, in-person event where selected hackers will have the opportunity to live and hack alongside one another while receiving mentorship from core Quantstamp engineers.

During the event, hackers can expect to get to know leading developers and founders in the web3 space, attend workshops and discussions, and learn more about Quantstamp audits and our educational resources. Some other unique perks of HH1 include:
- Opportunities to network, make new friends, and find a team to hack with
- Exclusive access to Quantstamp’s Opening Party: Return of the Jaded
- Custom swag unique to each hacker house location
- Reliable WiFi and lots of workspaces
- All-day food and UberEats passes
- Group outings for dinners, parties, and special events throughout the week

Applications are open now through February 13, 2023

Tentative Agenda:
​Day 1 (Sun, Feb 26): Check-in (after 4pm), meet & greet, chill
Day 2 (Mon, Feb 27): BUIDLWeek, workshops
Day 3 (Tue, Feb 28): BUIDLWeek, workshops, group lunch/dinner
Day 4 (Wed, Mar 1): BUIDLWeek, workshops
Day 5 (Thu, Mar 2): BUIDL, QSP opening party
Day 6 (Fri, Mar 3): Heads-down BUIDL
Day 7 (Sat, Mar 4): Heads-down BUIDL
Day 8 (Sun, Mar 5): Hackathon closing ceremony, group dinner + celebration
Day 9 (Mon, Mar 6): Check-out by 9am

Dates: February 26 - March 6, 2023
Application Deadline: February 13, 2022
Venue: 20 min walk from ETHDenver venues

HackerHouse Photos:

About Quantstamp:
On a mission to secure web3 and enable the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, Quantstamp has protected billions in digital asset risk from hackers. We’ve worked with the top names in the space and are trusted by hundreds of clients to keep their innovative products safe. Visit to learn more.