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Unlocking Revenue: Ben Williams (PLGeek)

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In this AMA Alexa Grabell (CEO, Pocus) and Ben Williams (Avisor, PLGeek) will be diving into the science behind activation and retention in PLG.

Topics up for discussion:
馃敭聽Product influenced revenue
馃敭聽Feedback loops in PLS
馃敭聽Identifying product signals for revenue teams

About Ben Williams
Ben advises B2B SaaS companies to help them create sustainable, defensible growth.

He's a self-confessed geek around all things PLG, product management and leadership, product and growth org structure, loop-based growth strategy and execution. 馃

Ben is an expert in implementing PLG across acquisition, retention, and monetization levers. Prior to advising, Ben most recently led product and growth teams at Snyk and CloudBees.