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RepubliK x The Kinetic Option Jetboard Experience

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TKO Jetboard Experience x RepubliK Launches Conversations.

We're excited to invite you to a once-in-a-lifetime experience with RepubliK as we celebrate the launch of The Kinetic Option - The World's Most Advanced Electric Surfboard. Started by our very own founders of REPUBLIK and CZ from Binance, every one of our invited guests will get an opportunity to get onto one of our Jetboards with a professional instructor. Expect an unforgettable evening onboard our Bluegame BGX70.

About TKO

The Kinetic Option was born out of the vision of creating the sleekest, fastest and most mindfully-built Jetboard in the world. Our first edition, the TKO-001 is custom-built to provide exhilarating performance and a well-balanced ride. This jet-propelled surfboard can soar across the water at 34 MPH. Experience fully adjustable power to take you from beginner to expert.

Launched just last month (as seen on CZ's tweet here), we have since been featured on Robb Report, Gentlemen's Journal and New Atlas amongst many other publications. Each jetboard costs between USD$13,900 to USD$14,500 (depending on the version) and YOU will be able to be one of the first in the world to take it on a test ride.

RepubliK launches Conversations

We'll be introducing RepubliK's all-new feature - Conversations to you as well. Stitch your favourite moments with another image, start a thread with your squad, or simply post epic strings of selfies, all with just a tap! We'll give all guests a hands-on experience with this feature and update you guys on where we are and how close we are to our vision of changing the game for creators.

Sessions Available:
12 March 2023, Sunday
25 March 2023, Saturday
22 April 2023, Saturday
13 May 2023, Saturday

Note: Please download our app prior to attending our event to make registration purposes more seamless on the event day.

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