Thunk Workshop Info Session

Jun 24 (Thu), 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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Join us for an Introduction to the Thunk Workshop. We’ll be covering:

  • ​Format — How will the course be structured?

  • Takeaways — What will you get out of the course?

  • Platform — Where will the course and resources be located

  • Times — When are sessions and events

  • Purpose — Why this course exists

We are also collecting questions before the start of the info session, share your questions here if you have any!

Note: We have Founder pricing available up until June 25th. If you are interested in purchasing the workshop at a 40% discount, sign up here.

Thunk Event Origin Story:

A few weeks back, Andrew Nalband and I had a call to mull over the key challenges writers face, and how to solve for it. He also shared some of the challenges faced while building his startup, Thunk.

Sharing the wins and losses from our respective journeys helped us make the connection: a writer's journey and a startup's journey walk on very similar paths.

This led to the idea for a workshop concept that applies startup thinking to improve writing.

As an aspiring writer online, I wanted to create a workshop that can help manage the uncertainty so many of us feel when we are just starting out.

As a startup founder with historical success in launches and exits, Andrew wanted to create a workshop he wish he had at the beginning of his startup career.
Through this four week experience, here's what to expect:

Phase I:
- Design your mission statement
- Conduct user research
- Build an Idea factory

Phase II:
- 10 mini essays
- Ship in public via Twitter

Phase III:
- 3 final pieces
- Give and receive feedback

This is a workshop concept that takes us as writers through the product journey: from ideation, to prototyping, to testing and refining.

All through the lens of a startup.

For more information, this is our (latest, but still being refined) version of the landing page.

We look forward to seeing you there 🤗

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