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Thu, Nov 18, 2021, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM UTC


This event has ended. There are no upcoming sessions.

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We are organizing these series of webinars with our awesome partners so we can understand from you fellow Thriving Nomads how can we better help you to have a great life and a positive impact in our society and planet. 

Based on your engagement and feedback we will plan with them what are the best ways to work together and allow you either to create your own impact business, transform your current business or just give back some of your time.

Join us for free and with impact! 

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Confirmed Talks

Are you a nomad and you are concerned about the impact you are having when you travel? Do you often feel there is an integration gap between you and locals? Are you wondering how to take your footprint to a regenerative level? Join us in this webinar where we will discuss how we can be an agent that supports local communities and social impact.

Past Talks

"Self-Awareness - How Your Values, Beliefs and Mental Models Limit or Liberate You"
"Values, beliefs and mental models guide our actions and determine the landscape of our experience and potentials.
The good news is that the three of them change overtime and they shape experiences and actions in alignment with our visions for our lives.
In practice, if you learn how to work them out, they can liberate you and bring you closer to that vision."

We all know the great opportunities that a digital nomadic career offers. But thriving in this remote, often self-managed, working life requires nurturing our inspiration and professional growth. Where to start? In this webinar you will gain insights on how to assess your needs and state your why, to identify the key leadership skills you want to build and set realistic learning goals. Join us on Friday September 10th by registering for free here to the webinar offered by Amani Institute, a global organization working with social entrepreneurs and for leadership development all over the world.

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Responding to the widely perceived gap between higher education and the employment marketplace, Amani Institute is preparing a new generation of leaders tackling the world’s toughest problems.

Our name derives from the Swahili word for peace. The root word "aman" signifies peace or stability in every country in the arc from Morocco to Indonesia.

Our mission is to develop professionals who create social impact by creating new models of education and training that enable people to develop new practical skills and experiences for their professional toolkit, a personal understanding of their own leadership journey, and the global networks necessary for long-term career success. All this while simultaneously reducing the high cost of a world-class global education.

As a result, we build much-needed talent and capacity in organizations addressing social problems, thus enabling more effective operations across the entire social sector.