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Threado Meetup in San Francisco

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​​Hey there community superheroes πŸ‘‹

​Welcome to the first Threado meetup. We are thrilled to host this one near CMX Summit. Join us for an evening filled with fun banter, networking with community peers and chilled beers 🍻 Limited spots are available, so register soon, and oh, beers are on us!

​Meet your hosts:

​Pramod Rao is the co-founder and CEO of Threado. He served as VP of Marketing for nearly a decade at Zomato and was one of the founding team members. He comes with a great understanding of community building and is a big advocate for the community-led growth approach.

​Sharath Kuruganty is currently the Head of Community at Threado. He previously led communities at Product Hunt, On Deck, and Draftbi(YC W18). He frequently tweets and shares his lessons on building scaling communities and doing things in public. He also coaches and advises early-stage startups that were backed by YC, Hyper, and On Deck!

​PS: We are building a tight-knit slack community filled with community leaders from Mixpanel, Notion, On Deck, Glide, Startup Grind, and many more fast-growing startups. And we would love to have you πŸ˜ƒ