What Drives the Valuation Of NFTs



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Lightnift’s Co-Founder Erinc Albey will deliver the presentation. Erinc, Ph.D., is an expert in making systems smarter through algorithms. He has 15+ years of experience in leading algorithm teams in technology projects. He is leading the data science team responsible for empowering the ecosystem with on-chain and off-chain data-driven insights.

● What are the factors that drive the valuation of NFTs
● An overall picture of the NFT market and the current state.
● Why NFT valuation is more complex than the fungible tokens?
● Which data or data sets have been utilized for fair market worth
● How are we employing machine learning for price modeling?

About Lightnift:
Lightnift (LN) produces products and services with the vision of being the beacon that guides users, traders and the businesses of the NFT space. Lightnift will continuously provide trade support tools with intelligent analytical
dashboards for the NFT community. Besides, tailor-made or custom services based on the data and analytics are being developed for business partners. The first of the community services, Lightnift Explorer 2022, will begin beta testing in
Q3, followed by the trading-automation platform, which we call Lightnift Smart Bots. Some of the B2B services offered under the umbrella of Lightnift Data House have already started to be offered.


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