Episode 4: The Factor online TV show with Sonny Mayugba, Spero Ventures, and Cynthia Yeung & Sunita Parbhu, CVKey



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Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we dined at restaurants, hopped on planes to visit new cities, dropped toddlers off at daycare, and danced the night away at family & corporate gatherings, without a second thought. Now, local health policies, outbreak levels, and guidance from local community officials is paramount to navigating a COVID-19 world.

But for how long? How do we open society back up responsibly? A group of brilliant people are embarking on a technology solution to navigate life and they call it CVKey. Join us as we explore their solution and what the benefits and potential risks will be with the adoption of CVKey.

The Factor episodes include LIVE Q&A where, YOU, our audience can chime in to ask your burning questions. Join live, ask your questions, and win Spero swag!


3:00 - 3:30 PM: "Episode 4: The Factor" begins with host Sonny Mayugba, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Spero Ventures, and CVKey guests Cynthia Yeung & Sunita Parbhu

3:30 - 4:00 PM: Live Audience Q&A

About CVKey: CVKey Project believes that living with COVID-19 will require interconnected actions to drive positive community outcomes. That’s why we’re building a suite of privacy-first, open-source applications that can help us reopen. We believe clear communication, informed health status, and responsible access to schools, offices, and society are critical to fighting COVID-19 together.

About Cynthia Yeung: Cynthia Yeung is a robotics executive, advisor, and angel investor with more than a decade of experience in technology and entrepreneurship. Currently, she leads go-to-market efforts for CVKey, a nonprofit whose mission is to help communities reopen responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, Cynthia served as the COO and board member of Cafe X, a Series A food robotics startup which set the standard for human-robot collaboration in hospitality. Her other leadership roles include next-gen product for SoftBank Robotics, partnerships for a social enterprise startup accelerator with the Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and various initiatives for Google and GoogleX, a lab that aims for technological moonshots.

About Sunita Parbhu: Sunita Parbhu is a seasoned startup product executive building high growth consumer and enterprise software businesses. She is currently the Head of Product at CVKey Project, a nonprofit whose mission is to help communities reopen responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sunita is also undertaking an independent study on the opportunities for improving labor economics in the field of The Future of Work. Sunita is an economist, a Fulbright Scholar, and has held leadership roles in multiple technology startups with exits exceeding $6B, and was Founding Fellow at NFX, a prominent Bay Area VC firm.

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