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Responding to the call: Healing from the sin of separation


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The sin of separation – separation from each other, from creation, from our own humanity, from who God calls us to be – is at the root of the interconnected social, ecological, and spiritual injustices we are living in right now. To truly interrupt and address white supremacy, the climate crisis, and the on-going harm of settler-colonialism, we must do the inward and outward work of healing from these sins of separation and realign the actions of our lives into right relationship.

Responding to the Call is a two-month long, weekly workshop to do this critical work of climate justice, dismantling white supremacy, and beginning reparations. We will meet every other week in a whole group Zoom session, with alternating weeks dedicated to on-going small groups. As the work of systems transformation – both the societal systems we engage with daily and ourselves as systems of change – is not purely academic, this workshop will use somatic and Quaker spiritual practices along with discussions, readings, and videos.

This workshop comes out of several commitments that Quakers in New England have made over the past few years and is open to anyone interested in this work of truth-telling, sustainable living, right relationship, apology & reparations, and liberating our spiritual practices from the white supremacist and classist systems in which they developed.

Participants are encouraged to sign-up with area f/Friends so their small group work can be locally grounded. Pending enough registrations, we will also have a small group option dedicated for BIPOC participants.

Dates, Cost, & Registration

Whole Group Zoom sessions: 7 – 8:30 PM (ET)

  • January 12
  • January 26
  • February 9
  • February 23

Session descriptions forthcoming.

Small groups (optional): Will meet in between sessions, self-organized based on member availability.

Cost: Pay-as-led.

  • Recommended standard rate: $120 for all four sessions and small groups
  • Recommended pay-it-forward rate: $240 for all four sessions (Pays for you and another)
  • Recommended reduced rate: $40 for all four sessions and small groups
  • (Sliding scale goes all the way down to zero. Payment ensures that we are able to pay our facilitators and cover our costs. Money left over will become a seed fund for projects coming out of this series led by participants).

Held on Zoom | Open to all – you don’t have to be Quaker to attend | Closed Captioning provided.

** How to register **

This sliding scale registration allows you to enter the amount you want to pay – all the way down to “0”. If you enter “0” in the amount box, the registration button will change from “Pay now” to “Register.”

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