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the cabin: mindful online coworking sessions

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Are you struggling to do your best work and stay focused when sitting down to work on an important project? Do you often feel overwhelmed and wonder how to move forward with the things that really matter to you in a world full of distractions? Has the novelty of working from home or on your own worn off?

Mindful preparation, a distraction-free environment and being witnessed by others (aka 'positive peer pressure') are incredibly helpful to get your most important work done. This is where online co-working sessions come in.

But what are online coworking sessions? You come along and work on something you've been putting off for a while, but you know will move you forward, something that requires energy and deep thought. Only work on one thing for the duration of the session. We start with gentle movement, meditation, and intention setting to get you ready for a great session. Then you spend about an hour on whatever matters most to you right now, distraction-free. The other coworkers will do the same. It's a magical experience.

Each session lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes incl. mindful preparation, a coworking sprint, and reflection time.

Who is it for? Freelancers, companies of one, creatives, small business owners, and anyone who is already changing the world as well as those who have big dreams and want to make an impact.

Participants’ feedback:

‘The warm feeling and the collective intention to work distraction-free on something meaningful.’ - Bianca Winter

‘In just a couple of weeks this has become a 'definite attend' and look forward to. Work in it's most healthy state! It has already started to positively affect the rest of my week.’ - Chris Shepard

‘I loved the set up so much - the simple movement and lovely meditation were so great.’ - Caroline Leon