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Making Tough Career Decisions | Stoa Masterclass

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We know it is very hard to make decisions, especially when it comes to your career. There are no rules written for when to quit your job, which offer to take, or what's a suitable time for a career transition?

Working on your own terms, switching industries, and going back to education are all TOUGH calls to make because they impact your life directly.

These decisions will impact your life and maybe the people dependent upon you, and if you make a decision based on your intuition you do not want to regret that later, because let us be honest, when it comes to career, stakes are high!

Whether you are working for a while or just started, the stakes are quite high when making any of these decisions. So you can't just go with what you felt today morning or last night or what your intuition says.

Career changes do induce anxiety and nervousness, but there must be a way to avoid the common mistakes people make at this junction.

That's where we come in! 

We will help you: 

  • Learn how to choose from different career options.

  • Identify frameworks to judge the pros and cons of your decision.

  • Reduce your biases in decision-making.

  • Create Processes to help you evaluate your career decisions.

  • Get clarity on your career with an exercise that we just created for this workshop

This 1 Hour, Free, Live Masterclass is for you whether you just started out or have been working for a while.

Your host:

Raj (@kunksed, 7.5k followers) will be sharing processes, frameworks and tools around making a major career decision

30-minute workshop followed by Q&As open to everyone.

⚠️⚠️ This is not a ‘talk’. You’ll be expected to put in efforts during the workshop.

Hence, join this masterclass ONLY if you are done 'hoping' to get a career boost and are super serious about making changes.