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Tools for Thought Rocks! Spatial Canvases, Part 2

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Tools for Thought Rocks! is a talk series about using computers as tools for thinking. Sessions are intended to facilitate an interchange of ideas and promote the interoperability of tools.

​​Each talk will be ~25 minutes long, with ~20 minutes for Q&A.

Spatial Canvas Series, Part Two: It's time to talk about ✨Spatial Canvases✨. Each of the speakers is working on building a spatial canvas-based tool for thought. This is the first of several sessions talking with Spatial Canvas creators about their goals and learnings.


  • Pol Baladas from Fermat, discussing dynamic programmable media with generative AI models in a spatial canvas, how a spatial canvas allows for convergent/divergent branching, and new methodologies for working with text and ideas.

  • Paul Shen from Natto, demonstrating how we can leverage metaphors in programming environments and how we can shorten the gap between how we think and how our tools work.

​Hope to see you there!